Not sleepless in London…

Sleep? I’ve done nothing else this weekend. The weather has been grey, damp and cold. Today we’ve had snow, and the greyness has been in keeping with my mood. I had an early night last night and the sleep was fitful, and full of vivid and fairly unpleasant dreams.

Also I’ve had to deal with a hacking attempt on my old blog, forcing the shutdown of that one and the opening of a shiny new one. Plus I had some minutes to type up from a cricket umpires meeting the other night, that took a while and was slightly trying my patience. But I stuck at it and got it done eventually. Just one of those nondescript weekends, grey and colourless, just want to see the back of it, quite frankly.

If you followed my old blog, why not give this one a try? It could even be better than the old one!

A.S.D. Brooks

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